R1 Cloud Attendance Software

R1 CLOUD WF-60: WorkFlow module for justifications for a maximum fee of 60 employees.

Justification WorkFlow module 60 employees: request/approval of justifications (holidays, leave, overtime). Online Card Viewing.

details and tech specs

Cod. R101R1CLOUD-WF60

Tech specs

Annual Fee Service
Cloud Update
Cloud Backup
Multilingual SaaS
Innovation Industry 4.0

The package includes:

  • N.1 Cloud software fee 12 months R1 CLOUD WF-60.
  • N.1 Teleassistance hour for configuration and training.
  • N.1 Online user manual in English.

ATTENTION: it can only be purchased with R1 CLOUD 60


€ 361,00

Product description

R1 Cloud Attendance Software

R1 CLOUD WF-60: WorkFlow module for justifications for a maximum fee of 60 employees.


Why pay an annual fee for R1 CLOUD WF-60 software module? For 8 good reasons:



  1. The R1 Cloud WF-60 module is an optional module to the R1 Cloud 60 attendance management software which was developed on a single platform as a service (Paas) which you can access from anywhere and with any device (pc, tablet, smartphone ), an internet connection is enough.
  2. The service (Saas) includes automatic software updates and data backup.
  3. Customized access levels: with R1 Cloud WF-60 it is possible to create various administrator, account manager and user accounts for each section and the level of access to be granted (for example diversified groups of employees or read-only access, etc...) .
  4. R1 Cloud WF-60 allows the employee (user) to request the various absence / presence justifications, for example holidays, permits, overtime, travel, etc..
  5. Real-time control by the manager (manager, administrator) of the approval requests received with approval/denial of the same.
  6. Real-time access by the employee (user) to his monthly card (online card).
  7. Thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive interface, operators check and complete attendance quickly, without difficulty, reducing the possibility of errors.
  8. Available on multilingual platform (IT, EN, DE, FR, GR, H).




R1 CLOUD WF-60 WorkFlow Module Justifications (specifications):



  • The R1 CLOUD WF-60 software module is the version of the justification workflow for the R1 CLOUD 60 software (up to 60 employees) and allows the user (employee) to insert justification requests for absence/presence e.g. holidays, permits, overtime to be authorised, transfers, forgotten clock-ins to be approved, etc., which are automatically sent to the managers (also with e-mail alerts) to be authorised. The supporting documents (e.g. holidays, permits), once approved, are automatically entered in the employee's card. An approval/deny confirmation email is sent to the employee. The module simplifies the whole procedure of the personnel office and transfers greater autonomy to the employees and to the branch or department head.
  • The R1 CLOUD WF-60 module provides that the request/approval process can be managed on one or two levels. In the first case, the employee's request is definitively approved by a manager, while in the second case, after the approval of the first manager, the request automatically reaches a second manager (level II) and only after the possible approval of this Lastly, the justification (e.g. holidays) will be uploaded to the employee's time card.
  • The software module allows users (employees) to be grouped between different managers, both 1st and 2nd level.
  • The manager can access the badges of the employees assigned to him, with the possibility of intervening on the stampings and/or on the receipts (100% parameterizable).
  • The employee (user) can access his/her time card in real-time (stampings and receipts) and export it in Pdf/Excel formats.







  • PHP development language.
  • Web based native software.
  • Mysql database.
  • Responsive web design (RWD).
  • Manual setting management of the calendar
  • User profiling (administrator, manager).
  •  Multilingual management.
  • System log for user tracking.


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