Fingerprint, card and pin devices

Anviz TC550: Biometric, RFID and/or PIN code (Refurbished). 12 month warranty.

Access Control: Anviz TC550, biometric sensor, RFID EM Card reader (Optional Mifare) and/or PIN code. TCP/IP port, USB pen drive, mini USB, Wiegand In&Out.

details and tech specs

Anviz, TC550: Biometric, RFID  and/or PIN code (Refurbished). 12 month warranty.

Cod. R10200TC550-RG

Tech specs

Biometric fingerprint reader
RFID card reader
PIN Code
LAN network interface
USB pen drive
Ring Bell
PC's Software

Reconditioned product

The package includes:

  • 1 Access Control Anviz TC550 (Refurbished) BIO/RFID/PIN device
  • 1 12V (EU) power supply
  • 1  Access Control auto-installing Software (Crosschex standard)
  • 5 RFID cards already coded and recorded from 1 to 5.
  • 1 User Manual (English) hardware/software.


Product temporarily unavailable.

Product description

Fingerprint, card and pin devices

Anviz TC550: Biometric, RFID and/or PIN code (Refurbished). 12 month warranty.

Why buy an Anviz TC550 Access Control system? Here are 8 good reasons:

  1. Make respect your company rules (In/out).
  2. TC550 works standalone or via LAN  
  3. TC550 has a biometric sensor: no more card exchange
  4. Check in real-time clock in/out (TCP/IP connection).
  5. You can download data even from a remote location (via lan).
  6. If you set TC550 as T&A reader, you have a double control (door open time, and T&A)
  7. TC550 can be connected to a remote reader device (T-Remote)  to open a door (Rfid only)
  8. It complies with EU Regulation 2016/679  (G.D.P.R.) regarding privacy law. 


How can you adapt a Access Control system to your Company? 4 possible configurations: 

  1. If there is only one entrance in your company, you can connect TC550 directly to the network via LAN or download data on a USB flash drive.
  2. If you have multiple entrances, you can simultaneously connect multiple TC550 readers to the same management software (always on TCP/IP or via USB flash drive).
  3. If you have a local and a remote office (or many remote sites), you can always use the configuration as mentioned in the previous point.
  4. You can also manage "hybrid solutions", for example one or more TC550 devices connected to the network via Lan and one (or more) via USB flash drive.

TC550 FEATURES (TC550 is an ANVIZ product ): 

  • Log Capacity up to 50,000
  • Fingerprint management up to 2,000 and 2,000 cards.
  • 3 inch TFT graphic display
  • 32-bit high speed CPU of low power consumption
  • 6 identification methods : FP, Card, ID+FP, ID+PW, PW+card, FP+Card.
  • Communication Interface: USB Flash Drive Host, Mini USB, TCP/IP, Wiegand In&Out.  
  • Card Reader Module: Standard 125KHZ EM RFID, optional13.56MHZ Mifare and HID
  • Voice prompts
  • Public and private short message display
  • Workcode managing
  • Relay for managing a bell
  • Lithium battery for data retention.
  • Firmware available in 4 languages: Italian, German, English, Turkish.
  • On/off switch button .
  • Size: 126(w)*189(h)*35(d)mm
  • FCC/CE / ROHS Certificate
  • Temperature: -10°~40°C
  • DC 12V Operating Voltage 



  • be installed on PCs with Windows operating system.
  • have the software in different languages.
  • manage up to 99 devices.
  • manage personal data of up to 500 employees.
  • send messages (displayed during clock-in/out).
  • have weekly times for bell activation.
  • can schedule shifts.
  • can research workers present in a definable period.
  • can manage fixed and flexible time schedules.
  • show the card with clock-display, total hours worked, days worked, delays, overtime.
  • calculate the worked hours  with configurable roundings.
  • insert clock-in/out manually.
  • manage anomalies.
  • print users present, monthly reports, time & attendance statistics, export files in .txt and excel.
  • backup database.
  • be connected via USB, LAN (client and server).


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