People queue counter with light signal

R-CSRT: R-CSRT people counter system with light signal for shop entrance control.

R-CSRT One door, people counter system with light signal for entrance control in shops, gyms, wellness centers, congress rooms, conventions, game rooms, betting rooms.

details and tech specs

Cod. R1020000R-CSRT

The package includes:

  • N.1 SMR-CSRT Receiver.
  • N.1 Power plate.
  • N.1 SMR-PE-03W01 Projector.
  • N.1 Light Signal.
  • N.1 NW control unit.
  • N.3 Cardboard columns.

€ 804,00

Product description

People queue counter with light signal

R-CSRT: R-CSRT people counter system with light signal for shop entrance control.

Why buy a R-CSRT entrance control system with  light signal? For 7 good reasons:

  1. Preventive control of the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19).
  2. The system allows you to control the influx in your store and avoid unpleasant situations.
  3. R-CSRT is standalone, easy to install and immediate to use.
  4. R-CSRT can be installed permanently or temporarily (using the special supports supplied in the kit).
  5. With R-CSRT you can easily and quickly set the maximum number of inputs allowed and change the data as often as you wish.
  6. R-CSRT allows, with another function, to count the entrances to the store (the progressive number).
    Suitable tool for periodically checking the relationship between the number of entries and the number of receipts.
  7. R-CSRT is in accordance with the "Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace", D.P.C.M. 11 March 2020.

How can you install in your store / company the people counter system with light signal entrances control R-CSRT? Here is the main information:

  • Operation: the number of people present in an area (entered - exited) is displayed directly on the display of the people counter installed on the access gate. Battery powered with a duration of approximately 12 months. Available in indoor and outdoor versions. It can be installed on columns 90 cm high or 130 cm high (for areas with trolleys).
  • Utility: it can be used by a surveillance employee who, using the count of attendances shown on the display, controls the flow of people within the area. It has a LIGHT SIGNAL, on a desk or on a column, (wired to the collection unit) that signals the achievement of the maximum set capacity.
  • Limits: the access and exit passage of the area must be unique.


Technical Specifications Smartcheck R-CSRT


  • Power supply: 3.6VDC, <100mA.
  • Permitted voltage: Vccmin = 3VDC VccMax = 5VDC.
  • Power System: kit of NON-rechargeable lithium batteries, pre-welded Vbatt = 3.6V,     capacity 7.2Ah. (Primary element with sulfur Lithium LiSOCl2)
  • Mechanics: size: 65 (L) x122 (h) x23 (p) mm.
  • Weight: <105g without the battery kit.
  • Battery kit weight: <57g.
  • Box material: ABS.
  • Communication ports: LPD radio LPD radio modem operating in the 868-870MHz band.
  • Broadband radio device with calsse receiver 2
  • Maximum radiated power: 25 dbimW.
  • Usage factor: δc <0.01.
  • Modulazine: FSK with max. Deviation 25kHz.
  • Channeling: 3 programmable channels.
  • Protocol: Master-Slave.
  • Addressing: up to 99 addresses (1-99).
  • Functionality: bidirectional people counter
  • Display: 4 ½ ”LCD. Interface Buttons and display.Date clock: permanent, by Real Time Clock / Date. Storage: 65536 records (> 7 months).
  • Recording of counts every 5 min.

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