Green Pass Control Totem

R1PASS: Green Pass Verification Totem, it reads Eu Digital Covid Certificate (paper or digital), Verification App (install your local vacination cerificate app).

R1PASS: Reads Eu Digital Covid Certificate control totem (digital or paper support), with stand floor and Tablet (Wifi and 4G connection), Install your local Eu Digital Covid Certificate App with auth. Ministry of Health.

details and tech specs

Cod. R1020000R1Pass

Tech specs

Verification App C19
Tablet Key Security

The package includes:

  • N.1 Green Pass R1PASS verification totem, consisting of:
  • N.1 Tablet 10.1 "(replace with your local authorised App the Verification C19 App)+ power supply,
  • N.1 Totem (Stand floor),
  • N.1 USB cable 1.8 mt,
  • N.1 Manual (English) and link for manual download of App Verification C19 (Instal your local authorised App).

€ 491,00

Product description

Green Pass Control Totem

R1PASS: Green Pass Verification Totem, it reads Eu Digital Covid Certificate (paper or digital), Verification App (install your local vacination cerificate app).

Why buy a R1PASS  Eu Digital Covid Certificate (paper or digital)verification totem? For 6 good reasons:

  1. Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic preventive control.
  2. Mandatory by law (D.L. 22 April 2021 n. 52, converted into Law 17 June 2021 n. 87, and amended by D.L. 23 July 2021 n. 105) eg. in: schools, universities, restaurants, gyms, swimming pools, ceremonies, health residences, "red or orange zone" territories, shows, sports competitions, museums and exhibitions, wellness centers, festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses, spas, cultural centers, social and recreational, gaming rooms, betting, bingo and casinos, public competitions, transport.
  3. R1PASS is equipped with a support stand and can be used as a reception device in the premises for the preventive control of the Green Pass.
  4. R1PASS includes a tablet with a preloaded VerificationC19 App (install your authorised local app), the only App authorized by the Ministry of Health for the control of Eu Digital Covid Certificates.
  5. R1PASS has Wifi and 4G connection. It can therefore be connected to the Internet so that App VerificationC19 (install your authorised local App) can perform automatic synchronization of public keys (Gateway).
  6. R1PASS Totem : has a pedestal with a Tablet security key (so that it can be used in public environments, e.g. railstations, restaurants, gyms, etc.).


How can you structure a Eu Digital Covid Certificate control and verification system in your company? Here are 3 possible configurations:

  1. R1PASS can remain standalone (the gateway must be connected to the internet only once a day).
  2. R1PASS can be permanently connected to the internet via wifi or 4G (sim excluded).
  3. R1PASS can not be connected to the electricity supply, using the tablet batteries, or it is equipped with a power cable of 1.80 meters.


TOTEM (stand floor):

  • Suitable for tablets from 9.7 "to 10.1"
  • IPad mini Air compatibility 1/2/3/4 /  
  • Case for tablet: 222.5 x 290 mm
  • Base dimensions: 368 x 277 mm
  • Stand height: 935 mm
  • Tablet housing size from 246 to 196mm (H), from 182 to 120mm (L)
  • Thickness: max 9 mm
  • Frame hole size: 220 x 160mm
  • Silver colour
  • Aluminum structure and plastic frame
  • Security lock key for tablet
  • Assembly instructions



  • Verification C19 app preloaded (install your local authorised app)
  •   Processor Type MediaTek Helio P22T
  • WI-FI: WI-FI type802.11a / b / g / n / ac
  • Bluetooth Yes
  • Clock frequency 2.3 MHz
  • Size 10.1 Inches
  • HD 1.280x800 Pixels screen
  • Primary color Gray
  • Usb cable (1.80 cm.)
  • Included Nano Sim card compartment
  • Data traffic Yes, 4G network (SIM excluded)
  • RAM2GB / ROM32GB 
  • Post camera 8 MP, front 5 MP
  • Standby Battery Life 480 min
  • Amperage 2 A
  • Weight Battery Included 420 g
  • Dimensions: 8,25x241,54x149,38 (HxLxP) mm
  • N.1 USB ports included 3.5mm Stereo
  • Mini Jack Yes
  • Speakers and Microphone Yes
  • Android Version S.O. 10
  • power supply included

Verification APP C19 (Install your authorized App):

  • Scanning of the QR Codes contained in the Eu Digital Covid Certificate (both paper and digital support), checking of valid, expired (red check with name / surname and date of birth) or counterfeit (red check, but no other data) certificates, no data storage, display only of name, surname and date of birth for a possible control of the document (Legislative Decree 22 April 2021 n. 52, converted into Law 17 June 2021 n. 87, and amended by Legislative Decree 23 July 2021 n. 105). Important: for a correct use of the App, at least once a day the tablet must be connected (via wifi or sim) to the internet for the automatic synchronization of public keys (so-called Gateway). The VerificationC19 App is thus updated to correctly read valid, expired or falsified Green Passes. Instead, for the automatic update of the Verification C19 App (Google Play) you need to load a Gmail account. To download the complete instructions of the Ministry of Health on the use of the VerificationC19 App, Click Here. We decline all responsibility for incorrect use of the Verification C19 App.

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