Electronic time recorder

MAX1600: It sums total worked hours in the day

Time Recorder MAX 1600, It Sums the hours worked daily, Automatic positioning, 2 clock-in and 2 clock-out, it prints symbol delay, night shift.

details and tech specs

Cod. R103000MAX1600

Tech specs

Automatic stamping movement
Worked hours calculation
DST Automatic change
Highlight delay symbol

The package includes:

  • N.1 Time Clock Max1600 (already programmed)
  • N.1 tape cartridge (already installed on Max1600)
  • N.1 user manual (English).


€ 312,00

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Product description

Electronic time recorder

MAX1600: It sums total worked hours in the day

Why buy a MAX 1600  time clock? Here are 7 good reasons:

  1. Make respect your company rules (In/out).
  2. Ward the correct employees (who arrive and leave on time).
  3. By respecting the rules, the climate in your Company improves.
  4. Controlling the actual entry/exit times you can count the delays (rounded  to your favor) and take them from the hours of permission.
  5. It is easy to collect timetables for counting the hours of presence/absence.
  6. Max 1600 can automatically calculate the hours worked daily 
  7. Send the data at the end of the month to the consultant for payroll


MAX1600 FEATURES (MAX1600 is an Max Co Ltd product ): 

  • It manages the night shift, straddling the midnight, with a specific key (star).
  • Electrical stamping with drag and self expulsion after stamping.
  • Automatic 4-column printing, morning In/Out, afternoon  In/Out with ability to operate even in manual mode.
  • Calculation and printing, 5th column, of the total worked hours per day.
  • Automatic calendar resetting at the end of month 30-31 and leap year.
  • It prints minutes in sexagesimal or in centesimal measurement format.
  • For Early Leaves and Lately Entry: Symbol Printing ("->" for Delays and "<-" for Early Exits).
  • Security System (Keycode) Data Protection.
  • Automatic time change in summer and winter time
  • Capacity: Up to 50 employees with total hours, up to 150 without
  • Lithium battery for up to 5 years of data memory
  • Clock: Backlight Digital LCD
  • Accuracy +/- 15 seconds/month
  • Power supply: AC 230V + 6% - 10% 60Hz
  • Size: 140 (w)* 202 (h)*104(d)mm
  • Weight: Approximately 2.0 kg
  • Consumption: Normal 5W, Maximum 30W
  • Display: Day, Hour, Minutes, AM/PM Day of the Week
  • Tape for printing: cassette tape model ER-IR103
  • CE Certificate
  • Temperature: 0°~40°C


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