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Rfid key Fobs

Key Fobs (RFID/mifare) for Access Control and T&A

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R1-RFTG: N.5 numbered RFID key fobs € 3.00 each
N.5 blue key fobs RFID 125 KHz, pre-printed with identification code for presence detection and access control.

€ 15,00


RFTG: N.100 key fobs RFID € 0,35 cad.
N.100 RFID 125 KHz blue color key FOBS for presence detection and access control applications.

€ 35,00


OREASS: Assistance with operator for access control and Time & attendance devices.
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and / or phone assistance with our.specialized operators for time & attendance, access control, and electronic time recorders systems.

€ 67,00


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