Standalone card, finger print and PIN devices

Secukey RSK6-X: RFID / Mifare and PIN code, IP66.

Standalone Access control: RSK6-X rfid reader EM / Mifare (1k) Card and PIN code. For oudoor IP66 protection, wiegand 26-37 bit In & Out.

details and tech specs

Cod. R1020000RSK6-X

Tech specs

RFID card reader
Mifare Card reader
PIN Code
Door opener
IP66 protection
Anti tampering
Relay Board

The package includes:

  • N.1 RSK6-X RFID / MF / PIN standalone access detector.
  • N.1 Master Card Add Card.
  • N.1 Master Delete Card.
  • N.1 User manual (English).

€ 129,00

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Product description

Standalone card, finger print and PIN devices

Secukey RSK6-X: RFID / Mifare and PIN code, IP66.


Why buy a door opener for RSK6-X access control on the web? Here are 6 good reasons:

  1. Enforce your rules in the company (access control of gate and / or doors).
  2. It is very simple to install and configure.
  3. Specific for outdoor (IP66 protection), but also suitable for indoor.
  4. Reads 3 different types of cards: EM, HID and Mifare (1k).
  5. Manages 2 panic users (silent alarm).
  6. It can be connected with a wiegand output to the R-SBOARD remote relay, exit button, external alarm or open door contact.


  • Waterproof, IP66 protection.
  • A programmable relay (NO, NC, Com): output time from 1 to 99 seconds (5 default).
  • Lock Output Load: 2 amps max.
  • Management of up to 600 users: N. 598 user + N. 2 user alarm (silent alarm).
  • PIN code: 4 to 6 digits.
  • 3 access modes: card only, PIN only, card + PIN.
  • RFID reader for 3 types of cards: EM 125KHz, Hid 125 Khz and Mifare card (1k) 13.56 Mhz.
  • Wiegand 26 ~ 37 bit input and output (external relay, R-SBOARD, exit button, external alarm or door open contact).
  • Pulse mode, toggle mode.
  • With 2 RSK6-X devices it is possible to manage the interlock between two doors (the second one does not open until the first one has closed).
  • Power supply: 12 ~ 28V AC / DC.
  • emperature range: -40 C ° ~ 60 C ° (-40 F ~ 140 F).
  • Humidity: 0% RH ~ 98% RH.
  • Silver colour.
  • Zinc alloy case with powder coating.
  • Dimensions: 12.2H x 5.0W x 2.1D (cm).
  • Weight: 500 gr.

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