Electronic time recorder and date stamp

Electronic time recorder and date stamp (radio-controlled clock): stamps date and time on documents, cards, for workshops, parking, offices.

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Needtek TS350: Document Stamper and Bubble Stamper with Buzzer and/or Siren
Needtek TS 350 Bubble Stamp and Time Marker Stamps Document with Automatic Stamping and External Siren (Internal Buzzer).

€ 349,00


Amano PIX200: Radiosynchronized time document stamp,
Amano PIX 200 radio synchronized time stamp with automatic stamping.

€ 387,00

OREASS: Assistance with operator for access control and Time & attendance devices.
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and / or phone assistance with our.specialized operators for time & attendance, access control, and electronic time recorders systems.

€ 69,00

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