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Regola1 is a young team, but made up of people who have gained long experience in the field of attendance detection and access control.

Our mission is to provide, through e-commerce system, products for the time attendance and access control with innovative technologies such as biometrics (fingerprint and facial recognition), consumables and assistance services at low prices and with rapid distribution throughout the national territory.

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For the detection of attendance

How can you enforce Your rules with entry and exit detection?

The detection of presences with badges allows you to check and calculate the actual hours of presence of your employees, with at least 3 brilliant advantages: compliance with company rules (strategic), the effective counting of permits and delays (economic) and zero belly sling (staff).

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For access control

How you can manage the door control?

Five good reasons for access control of doors and gates with badges and / or fingerprints: limit the use of keys, track internal mobility, prevent intrusions, make risk areas safe and you can apply safety rules.

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To manage your staff

How can you improve the business climate with a timetracker?

The installation of a simple stamping machine contains 3 small secrets: with respect for working hours, apply your rules, protect punctual employees, improve the climate of trust and business relationships.

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