Body temperature thermoscanner

WH5001-FE: Body Temperature Thermoscanner (forehead), Face Mask

WH5001-FE: Covid-19 prevention termoscanner, facial recognition. Body temperature detection forehead, mask and helmet. IP66, Tcp / Ip

details and tech specs

Cod. R102WH5001-FE

Tech specs

Facial recognition
Forehead Temperature
Check Mask
2 relay a board
IP66 protection
LAN network interface
PC's Software

The package includes:

  •      N.1 WH5001-FE  FACE / RFID / MIFARE thermoscanner detector.
  •      N.1 12 v power supply
  •      N.1 Table bracket (turnstile).
  •      N.1 Access control software ACCESS CONTROL MANAGEMENT.
  •      N.1 Hardware / software user manual (English).

€ 567,00
Not available

Product description

Body temperature thermoscanner

WH5001-FE: Body Temperature Thermoscanner (forehead), Face Mask

Why buy a WH5001-FE temperature control access control system? For 8 good reasons:

1.       Preventive control of Coronavirus epidemic spread (COVID-19).

2.       You can manage WH5001-FE both standalone and with a PC/ Server connection.

3.       WH5001-FE can work stand alone (without personal identification) to check body temperature only even with mask and/or helmet, or combined with personal identification (also combined with Anviz devices).

4.       WH5001-FE manages facial recognition

5.       WH5001-FE: has 2 alarm out (red for fever / mask, green "ok pass").

6.       It controls access and movements in real time (TCP /IP connection).

7.       You can download reports with photos, date / time, temperature detected, Id employee (via TCP IP network).

8.    WH5001-FE is in accordance with the "Shared protocol for regulating measures to combat and contain the spread of the Covid-19 virus in the workplace", D.P.C.M. 11 March 2020.

How can you use a temperature and mask measurement access control system in your company? Here are 4 system configurations:

1.       You can connect WH5001-FE directly to the LAN, or standalone without using a personal computer.

2.       If you have multiple accesses, you can connect many WH5001-FE detectors simultaneously to the same management software (always in TCP IP).

3.       In the event that you have a local office and a remote office (or many remote offices), you can always use the configuration referred to in the previous point.

4.       It is also possible to manage "hybrid" solutions, for example one or more WH5001-FE devices in the LAN network and one (or more) standalone.



  • Temperature detection: forehead measurement.
  • Detectable temperature range: from 34 ° to 42 ℃.
  • Temperature detection distance about 30-45 cm.
  • Temperature measurement (accuracy): ± 0.3 ℃.
  • Temperature measurement speed ≤ 1 s.
  • Automatic sending of e-mails for temperature alarm notification.
  • IP 66
  • Screen: 7-inch full-angle IPS LCD size.
  • 1280x720 screen resolution.
  • Cameras: Type Dual Camera Design.
  • SONY 1 / 2.8 "CMOS sensor.
  • 1080P @ 30fps resolution.
  • Lenses: 3.6mm * 2.
  • Face Recognition: Supports living face detection, effective prevention of printed photos, phone photos and videos.
  • Face recognition distance approx. 0.3 to 1.3 m.
  • Face size recognition: pupil distance ≥ 60 pixels; facial ≥150 pixels.
  • Facial profile database ≤ 10,000 faces; white and black list management.
  • Human face posture: comparable within 20 degrees vertically and 30 degrees horizontally.
  • Recognition of ordinary glasses (excluding sunglasses).
  • Facial expression: in normal circumstances, slightly modified expressions do not affect recognition.
  • Response speed ≤ 1 s.
  • Storage of 100,000 records.
  • Face acquisition accuracy ≥99%.
  • Recognition area: full image recognition, optional support zone setting.
  • Upload management: TCP, FTP, HTTP, API function.
  • Interfaces: RJ45 10M / 100M LAN network.
  • 2CH alarm input (alarm in).
  • 2CH alarm output (alarm out).
  • RS485 supported.
  • USB support.
  • Wiegand interface Supports Wiegand 26, 34, 66 protocols.
  • Reset button.
  • Network: IPv4, TCP / IP, NTP, FTP, HTTP managed protocols.
  •  Interface protocol: ONVIF, RTSP.
  • TF card memory event connection, FTP upload, alarm output connection, Wiegand output connection, voice transmission.
  • Updates: remote upgrade.
  • Accessories: integrated card reader with dual EM and Mifare antenna (125 khz and 13.56 Mhz).
  • Voice transmission speaker after successful recognition, temperature alarm.
  • Firmware available: Italian (ITA) and English (EN).
  • General: operating temperature -20 ° C ~ 60 ° C.
  • Operating humidity 0% -90%.
  • DC12V power supply
  • Power dissipation (maximum) ≤ 12 W.
  • Dimensions (mm) 181mm (H) * 135mm (L) * 34mm (W).
  • Installation method Wall installation / table installation (turnstile) / floor installation.




  • Installable on PC with Windows operating system.
  • Software in Italian (ITA) and English (EN).
  • Management of up to 999 WH5003-FE-IC detectors.
  • Unlimited employee registry management.
  • White / black list management for gate opening.
  • Management of face detection
  • Temperature / mask alarm activation.
  • Relay activation for unlocking the gate / green light.
  • Saving data with: photo, temperature, Id (if identification), date / time.
  • Send email notification of temperature alarm.
  • Present User print, monthly print, export file in txt and in excel.
  • Privacy Management: does not save photographs, does not display temperatures, automatic deletion of data prior to a parameterizable time.
  • Terminal connection via lan (client and server).


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