6 stamps electronic time recorder

Needtek UT120: Time Recorder with Touch Display 4 Clock in/out Red symbol for Delay and Siren

Needtek UT120 Time Recorder: Color Touch Display, 4 Daily Clock-in/out, Automatic Shift, Red Delay Print, Siren and/or Internal Melody.

details and tech specs

Needtek, UT120: Time Recorder with Touch Display 4 Clock in/out Red symbol for Delay and Siren

Cod. R10300000UT120

Tech specs

Display Touch
Automatic stamping movement
DST Automatic change
Ring Bell
Red stamp delays

The package includes:

  • N.1 time clock UT120 (already programmed)
  • N.1 Tape cartridge (already installed on UT120)
  • N.1 User manual.

€ 276,00

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Product description

6 stamps electronic time recorder

Needtek UT120: Time Recorder with Touch Display 4 Clock in/out Red symbol for Delay and Siren

Why buy a Needtek UT120 time clock? Here are 7 solid reasons:

  1.      Enforce your company rules (punctuality of entry/exit).
  2.      Protect employees who arrive and leave on time.
  3.      By respecting the rules, you improve the climate of trust.
  4.      By checking the actual entry/exit times you can count the delays and deduct  them from the total number of hours allowed.
  5.      Quickly collect data at the end of the month for hour counting.
  6.      Quickly send the data at the end of the month to the consultant.
  7.      You can connect it to a siren / bell to signal work shifts, or use the internal melody directly (with adjustable volume).



UT120 TECHNICAL FEATURES (UT120 is a Needtek product):

  •      4.3” TFT color touch display with indication of hour, minutes, day of the week, day of the month, alarm, printing phase, battery status.
  •      Electric stamping with dragging and self-ejection after stamping.
  •      Automatic positioning 4 print columns: 2E (morning, afternoon), 2U (morning, afternoon) with the ability to operate also in manual mode.
  •      Automatic reset of the calendar at the end of the month 30-31 and leap year.
  •      Print minutes in sixtieth or centesimal form.
  •      Print with symbol ' * ' to highlight delays / advances on stampings.
  •      Automatic summer/winter time change.
  •      Lithium battery for data storage up to 3 years
  •      Internal melody (adjustable volume) and/or predisposition for external siren with weekly programming up to 24 times of daily signaling.
  •      Clock: Color backlit liquid crystal digital.
  •      Sturdy ABS case with safety lock.
  •      Accuracy: +/- 15 seconds/month
  •      Power supply: AC 220V - 240V
  •      Dimensions: (HxWxD) 200x145x120mm
  •      Weight: approx. 1.8 kg
  •      Ribbon for printing: monochromatic cassette (black).
  •      Operating conditions: 0°C / 40°C.
  •      Possibility of wall or table mounting, using the reversible support included.
  •      Self-installing: just plug it into the socket.
  •      CE certified.

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