Eectronic time recorder and date stamp

Amano PIX200: Radiosynchronized time document stamp,

Amano PIX 200 radio synchronized time stamp with automatic stamping.

details and tech specs

Cod. R1030000PIX200

Tech specs

Radio Synchronized
Automatic stamping movement
DST Automatic change

The package includes:


  • N.1 Amano PIX200 document stamp (already scheduled)
  • N.1 tape cartridge (already installed on PIX200)
  • N.1 user manual.

€ 387,00

Product description

Eectronic time recorder and date stamp

Amano PIX200: Radiosynchronized time document stamp,

Why buy an Amano PIX 200 document stamp? For 5 goods reasons:


  1.      Enforce your company rules (start / end registration).
  2.      By respecting company rules, you improve trust among employees.
  3.      By checking the start / end times of the activities on the orders you can quickly          predict the delivery times of the works.
  4.      Quickly collect data for counting hours of job.
  5.      You have a statistic on the average working time on the job.




  •      DISPLAY: LCD indicating dd-month-year and min. and tape level indicator
  •      TIME BASE: Quartz +/- 3 sec. week.
  •      RECEIVER: DCF 77 radio signal / Frankfurt atomic clock
  •      PRINTER: Matrix 9 needles
  •      Data retention MEMORY: 36 months.
  •      DIMENSIONS: 159L x 163H x 171P mm
  •      CASE: ABS blue and cream color.
  •      TAPE: Black box.
  •      POWER SUPPLY: 220/240 V 50Hz.
  •      HUMIDITY: 10% to 90% (no condensation).
  •      TEMPERATURE: -10 ° C + 45 ° C.
  •      WEIGHT: 2.2 Kg

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