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Anviz SC011: Controller

Anviz SC011 controller for management access contoll (remote relay) and siren activation (compatible with SRPROTECTED) for T&A and access control systems.

details and tech specs

Cod. R10400000SC011

The package includes:

N.1 SC011 Controller Card.

€ 48,00

Product description

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Anviz SC011: Controller

CONTROLLER FOR ACCESS CONTROLL AND STEAM (SC011 is an ANVIZ product) Anviz SC011 is a secure, simple and convenient controller that offers a high level of security. It does not require any software, it is protected by short-circuits, voltage surges and static electricity. Suitable for access control systems (door opener), but also for T&A system (siren).


  • 12V/3A Input 
  • Relay with Clean Contact 
  • Easy integration with the access control system and siren, you don't need PC software.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           


SC011 is compatible with the following T&A and Acess controller devices:


T&A devices:

  • OC500 (connection to the siren)
  • A300ID (connection to the siren)
  • T60 (connection to the siren)
  • T60-GPRS (connection to the siren)
  • TC550 (connection to the siren)
  • FACEPASS (connection to the siren)
  • C2-Pro (connection to the siren)
  • C5 (connection to the siren)
  • OA1000 (connection to the siren)
  • C2C-Pro (connection to the siren)
  • C5C (connection to the siren)

Access Controll:

  • T5-PRO (remote relay for door opening)
  • T60 (remote relay for door opening)
  • T60-GPRS (remote relay for door opening)
  • OC500 (remote relay for door opening)
  • TC550 (remote relay for door opening)
  • VF30ID (remote relay for door opening)
  • VP30 (remote relay for door opening)
  • C2C-Pro (remote relay for door opening)
  • P7 (remote relay for door opening)
  • W2 (remote relay for door opening)
  • M5 (remote relay for door opening)
  • M3-EM (remote relay for door opening)
  • M3-MF (remote relay for door opening)
  • M7 (remote relay for door opening)




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