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Cartridges for tlectronic time recorder, Time and Date Stamp Machine, ribbons for thermographic printers

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ER-IR103: MAX1600 time recorder cartridge.
Nastro a cartuccia monocromatico (nero) per timbracartellino e marcatempo MAX1600

€ 30,00

ER-IR102E: Time recorder MAX2700 tape, cartridge.
Two-colored cartridge/tape (red / black) for time recorders MAX2500, MAX2600, MAX2700, MAX3100.

€ 29,00

ER-IR100E: MAX1500 time recorder tape/cartridge
Monochrome cartridge/tape (black) for MAX1100 / MAX1500 time recorder.

€ 28,50

ER-IR101: MAX2200 time recorder tape/cartridge.
Monochrome (black) cartridge tape for MAX2200 time recorder.

€ 29,60

AS-1000: Ribbon/cartridge for time recorders: MX300, ECO220, BX1500 and BX1600.
Monochromatic cartridge/tape (black) for MX300, ECO220, BX1500 and BX1600 time recorders.

€ 29,75

SAODY TR-810SX: Original tape cartridge for SAODY® (*)
Original two-colored (red / black) cartridge tape for SAODY® (*) time recorder.

€ 30,00

SAODY TR-810SX50: Original tape cartridge for SAODY50®(*) time recorder.
Original two-colored (red / black) cartridge tape for SAODY50® (*) time recorder.

€ 30,00

TR-810: Ribbon/cartridge for EX3500, EX9000, BX6000, EX3000 time recorders
Two-color cartridge/tape (red / black) for EX3500, EX9000, EX3000, BX6000, CENTRO, SPRING, and MAJOR time recorders.

€ 30,00

Amano TR-810B: Amano-PIX200 Time & Date Stamp Ribbon.
Black monochrome ribbon cartridge for time stamp PIX200.

€ 26,90

Solari DTC-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for DTC DTO DTS Solari time recorders.
Two-color cartridge tape (red / black) for SOLARI time recorders mod. DTC10, DTC20, DTC30, DTS, DTO.

€ 27,85

Solari TIMP-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for Solari TIMP time recorder
Two-color ribbon cartridge (red / black) for SOLARI TIMP time recorder.

€ 36,80

Solari MEMOR-NAST: Tape cartridge for SOLARI MEMOR 3815
Two-color cartridge tape (red / black) for SOLARI MEMOR 3815.

€ 29,65

Seiko QR120-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO QR120 time recorder
Two-color cartridge tape (red / black) for SEIKO QR time recorder mod. QR120, QR550, QR6560.

€ 33,90

Seiko QR350-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO QR350, QR375, QR395
Cartridge monochrome tape (black) for time recorder SEIKO mod. QR350, QR375, QR395.

€ 28,50

Seiko QR550-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO QR550 time recorder
Two-color ribbon cartridge (red / black) for SEIKO QR550 time recorder.

€ 33,90

Seiko QR900-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO QR900 time recorder.
Two-color ribbon cartridge (red / black) for SEIKO QR900 time recorder.

€ 36,90 Not available

TIMEBOY-NAST: Time record tape cartridge NIPPO TIMEBOY
Black monochrome ribbon cartridge for time record NIPPO TIMEBOY mod. TIMEBOY V, TIMEBOY 7.

€ 29,80

Seiko TP10-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO TP-10 time recorder.
Monochrome (black) tape cartridge for SEIKO time recorder and date stamp mod. TP-10.

€ 28,50

Seiko TP20-NAST: Ribbon cartridge for SEIKO TP-20 time recorder
Monochrome (black) ribbon cartridge for SEIKO date stamp and time recorder mod. TP-20.

€ 28,50

SIMPLEX-NAST: SIMPLEX BRAVO 100 125 date and time stamp tape cartridge
Monochrome (black) ribbon cartridge for stdate and time stamps SIMPLEX BRAVO, 100, 125.

€ 29,80

OREASS: Assistance with operator for access control and Time & attendance devices.
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and / or phone assistance with our.specialized operators for time & attendance, access control, and electronic time recorders systems.

€ 67,00

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