Electronic Time Recording: stamping on card.

Electronic Time Recording: up to 6 stamps, daily and monthly hours calculation (also rounded), red delay print, siren. 3 magical results: respect for working hours, savings on labor costs without worryng!

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Electronic time recorder
Electronic time recorder with daily and monthly total. Rounding calculation.

6 stamps electronic time recorder
6 stamps electronic time recorder, automatic movement and relay for siren.

Electronic time recorder and date stamp
Electronic time recorder and date stamp (radio-controlled clock): stamps date and time on documents, cards, for workshops, parking, offices.

End of Life Electronic Time Recorder
Electronic time recorder at the end of life, the assistance of our technical office is always guaranteed, as is the supply of fortnightly time cards and single-colour black or two-colour (red/black) tape cartridges. The recommended replacement clock and electronic time recorder devices are highlighted in the product sheet.

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