Totem Check Super Green Pass

Totem with integrated App for Super Green Pass control and Public Key Synchronization
Complete with floor stand and tablet

People counter for Shop Presence Control with Light Signal

People counters, present counters, attendance control with light signal system (red / green), for counting entrances: shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, gyms, wellness centers, congress and convention centers, game rooms and betting rooms.

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R-CSRT: R-CSRT people counter system with light signal for shop entrance control.
R-CSRT One door, people counter system with light signal for entrance control in shops, gyms, wellness centers, congress rooms, conventions, game rooms, betting rooms.

€ 789,00

OREASS: Assistance with operator for people counter devices.
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and / or phone assistance with our.specialized operators for time & attendance, access control, and electronic time recorders systems.

€ 67,00

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