Green Pass Control Totem

Green Pass control totem (floor stand and tablet) for access management with compulsory verification: schools (staff, excluding students), universities (teachers and students). Transport: interregional airplanes, ships and ferries (not for the Strait of Messina), trains, interregional buses. Civil and religious ceremonies, nursing homes. Entry and exit from “red or orange zone” territories. Indoor table catering (bars, restaurants, company canteens). Shows open to the public, sports competitions. Museums, places of culture and exhibitions. Swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, only indoor activities. Festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses; spas, theme and amusement parks. Cultural centers, social and recreational centers, only indoor activities. Gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos; public competitions.

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R1-C19: Totem Super Green Pass Control, Qr Code GP reading (digital or paper), App J-C19.
R1-C19: Totem Super Green Pass verification (digital or paper), with Floor stand and Tablet (Wifi and 4G), App J-C19, Sincr. Public Keys (Gateway), Differentiated Acoustic Warnings, Verification Register.

€ 725,00


R1PASS: Green Pass Verification Totem, it reads Eu Digital Covid Certificate (paper or digital), Verification App (install your local vacination cerificate app).
R1PASS: Reads Eu Digital Covid Certificate control totem (digital or paper support), with stand floor and Tablet (Wifi and 4G connection), Install your local Eu Digital Covid Certificate App with auth. Ministry of Health.

€ 491,00


OREASS: Assistance with operator Green Pass verification Totem device physical distancing.
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and/or telephone assistance with our specialized operators for Green Pass Verification Totem.

€ 69,00


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