Anviz access control: turnstile, door and vehicle access opening.

Anviz access control: biometric (facial or fingerprint), with card (RFID / Mifare card). 5 ways to identify and control access: tripod turnstiles, full height turnstiles, pedestrian and vehicular doors and gates. For companies, gyms and individuals. Bluetooh devices with free App for smartphones (downloadable from Google Play and App Store).

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Fingerprint, badge and pin devices
Anviz access control: fingerprint terminals (biometric), rfid and / or mifare badge (card) and PIN code. For outdoor IP65. Stand alone or with software. Communication: Tcp / Ip also in PoE, GPRS, Bluetooth, 4G.

Fingerprint and badge devices
Anviz access control: fingerprint terminals (biometric) and rfid or mifare badge (card). Standalone or with management software. Communication: Tcp / Ip, mini USB, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 4G.

Fingerprint and pin devices
Access control Anviz: detectors for access control with fingerprint (biometric) and PIN code. Communication: Tcp / Ip, Wi-fi, Bluetooth, 4G.

Badge and pin devices
Anviz access control: terminals with rfid or mifare badge (card) and PIN code. Standalone or with management software. Communication: Tcp / Ip, mini USB, GPRS, Bluetooth, 4G.

R1 Cloud Software Access Control
R1 Cloud software access control of employees on Regola1 server farm (Saas), internet connection with all Anviz access control devices. Access to the platform from any device: pc, tablet, smartphone. User management differentiated by access level, simple and intuitive interface, multilingual management.

Standalone badge, finger print and PIN devices
Anviz access control: biometric stand alone door opener (fingerprint recognition), rfid / mifare badge (card) and / or PIN code. For indoor and outdoor (IP66) and vandal-proof. Bluetooth with free APP for smartphones Google Play and App Store. Power supply or batteries.

Iris recognition devices
Anviz Access Control: terminals with iris recognition and rfid card. Communication: Tcp / Ip and Wifi. Integrated web server. Access control with iris recognition is applicable in all activities where you must be absolutely certain of the personal identity: caveu access control, immigration access control, airport access controls, customs controls, access control to operating rooms or chemical laboratories, etc. ...

Card and Pin Readers
Anviz and Secukey access control: readers with RFID, Mifare, UHF badge (card) and PIN code. UHF long range readers for passive UHF card tags, with reading distance 12 - 15 meters. The readers can be interfaced with all Anviz and Secukey devices with Wiegand IN. Communication: Wiegand 26,34, 42 bit, Rs232, 485, 10/100M Ethernet.

Bed and Breakfast (B&B) Solutions
Access control solutions for complete remote management of: bed and breakfasts (B&B), hostels, farmhouses, holiday homes. Terminals equipped with EM card reader at 125 Khz and Mifare card at 13.56 MHz, keypad for entering PIN code. Built-in camera for video surveillance and video intercom. Terminal with integrated wifi and bluetooth. Remote door outlet. Supports 3G/4G/5G. IP66 and IP65 suitable for outdoor installations. TuyaSmart or SmartLife management app, free for iOS and Android. Functions included in the App: insertion and/or deletion of users (customers), insertion of Check In & Check Out date and time, insertion of a Pin code valid only once (one-time) or with start/end date and time. Viewing access list and/or access attempts with photo (only with video camera).

Mask temperature thermoscanner
Thermal scanner access control: thermoscanner control of forehead or wrist temperature, presence detection of mask and / or helmet, system with facial recognition and both RFID / MIFARE card. Interface: Tcp / Ip. IP66.

Green Pass Control Totem
Green Pass control totem (floor stand and tablet) for access management with compulsory verification: schools (staff, excluding students), universities (teachers and students). Transport: interregional airplanes, ships and ferries (not for the Strait of Messina), trains, interregional buses. Civil and religious ceremonies, nursing homes. Entry and exit from “red or orange zone” territories. Indoor table catering (bars, restaurants, company canteens). Shows open to the public, sports competitions. Museums, places of culture and exhibitions. Swimming pools, swimming centers, gyms, team sports, wellness centers, even within accommodation facilities, only indoor activities. Festivals and fairs, conferences and congresses; spas, theme and amusement parks. Cultural centers, social and recreational centers, only indoor activities. Gaming rooms, betting rooms, bingo halls and casinos; public competitions.

Devices Access Control End of Life
End of life access control devices, the assistance of our technical department and compatibility with the R1 Cloud access control software is always guaranteed. The suggested replacement access control devices are listed in the product sheet.

People counter for Shop Presence Control with Light Signal
People counters, present counters, attendance control with light signal system (red / green), for counting entrances: shops, supermarkets, hypermarkets, gyms, wellness centers, congress and convention centers, game rooms and betting rooms.

One door queuing managing systems with remote control for shop
One door queuing managing systems with display, remote control and ticket dispenser. For: shops, supermarkets, doctors' offices, banks and laboratories

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