R1 Cloud Access Software

R1 CLOUD ACC: Unlimited Employee Fee Access Control Software.

Cloud Access Control Cloud Employees

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Tech specs

Annual Fee Service
Cloud Update
Cloud Backup
Multilingual SaaS
Innovation Industry 4.0

The package includes:

  • N.1 12 month cloud software fee R1 CLOUD ACC (unlimited employees).
  • N.1 Remote assistance hour for configuration and training.
  • N.1 Online User Manual in English.


€ 319,00

Product description

R1 Cloud Access Software

R1 CLOUD ACC: Unlimited Employee Fee Access Control Software.

Why pay an annual fee for the R1 CLOUD ACC access control software? For 10 well-founded reasons:

  1. R1 Cloud Acc has been developed on a single platform as a service (Paas) which you can access from anywhere and with any device (pc, tablet, smartphone), just an internet connection.
  2. The service (Saas) includes automatic software updates and data backup.
  3. R1 Cloud Acc connects via web to all Anviz access control devices. The employee stamps the access (with badge, pin, fingerprint, face recognition) and in real time the registration of the access stamping is available on the Software-as-a-Service.
  4. Customized access levels: with R1 Cloud Acc it is possible to create various administrator and account manager accounts and for each the sections and the level of access to be granted (for example, diversified groups of employees or read-only access, etc ...).
  5. Thanks to an extremely simple and intuitive interface, operators check and complete attendance quickly, without difficulty, reducing the possibility of errors.
  6. Available on multilingual platform (IT, EN, DE, FR, GR, H).
  7. Control via web in real time of those present, absent, left the service.
  8. Realtime monitoring via web of the "status" of the Anviz access control device.
  9. The employee stamps on the Anviz access control detector, you receive the realtime stamping on the software, which informs you if the user is authorized to access.
  10. Employee access reports classified by company, headquarters, department, etc. .. the real-time updating of accesses allows you to always have the situation monitored.

How can you structure an access control system connected to the R1 Cloud Acc server farm in your company? Here are 4 system configurations:

  1. Ours Anviz access control devices can be connected directly to the service platform, via LAN or wifi, simply by setting the public and static IP address of our  server farm.
  2.   If you have multiple entrances, you can simultaneously connect multiple Anviz detectors to the same R1 Cloud Acc attendance software (always in TCP IP or WIFI).
  3. If you have a local and a remote office (or many remote offices), you can always use the configuration referred to in the previous point.  
  4. It is also possible to manage "hybrid" solutions, for example one or more Anviz devices in the LAN network and one (or more) standalone. 



  • Business hours. The working hours can be set according to the number of bookings foreseen (none as for the executives, a single stamping e.g. executives, or two, four or more bookings per day), for flexibility (day, week or month) , by type of shift (eg 24-hour shifts: morning, afternoon, night); for the calculation of hours worked differentiated by type eg. theoretical hours, ordinary hours, days worked, overtime hours, extra hours, shift allowance, etc.  
  • Automatic shift recognition. It can be managed with profiles such as weekly or periodic in general. It is possible to assign multiple work shifts to the employee who works shifts on the same day, R1 Cloud will automatically identify the correct shift based on the actual bookings.
  • Users registry. The platform manages up to 20 employees and can be managed by both the personnel department and the head of the detached unit. It is possible, in fact, to attribute to the manager of the branch office the right to insert, modify and delete only the employees belonging to his unit.  
  • Multilingual. The service has a multilingual platform: in Italian (IT), English (EN), German (DE), French (FR), Greek (GR) and Hungarian (H), however it has been designed for integration with any language.
  • Bank Hours. The totalisers can manage the offsets between receipts of opposite sign (eg between exceeding hours and hours recovered, the so-called "hour bank"), carryovers to the following month / year, progressives (of holidays enjoyed, holidays accrued, permits enjoyed, residues, etc.). The management of the totalizers allows you to make prospective assessments without processing pay slips.
  • Reasons entered from the keyboard: the user can, from the Anviz terminal (with keyboard), enter the reasons for daily absence / presence.
  • Anomalies. From the anomalies menu the operator can check only the employees with anomalies and insert the missing justifications. The original stampings are highlighted differently than those entered by the operat.
  • Clocking not compulsory. The saas service allows you to manage, for all those employees who do not have the obligation to mark, an automatic "calendar" that creates the scheduled (ordinary) daily hours. The operator then inserts the proof of absence (holidays, permits).
  • Employee schedule. For each employee, it is possible to manage a schedule with automatic alerts at "X" days (which can be parameterized) prior to the recorded period (employee master data in the deadlines section).
  • Export. The data can be exported in pdf, excel formats.



  • PHP development language. 
  • Web based native software.
  • Mysql database.  
  • Responsive web design (RWD).  
  • Manual calendar setting management User profiling (administrator, manager).
  • Multilingual management.
  • System log for user tracking.


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Anviz M3 Pro BT-Wifi:

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OREASS-R1: Assistance with operator for R1 CLOUD software
Package of 1 hour remote assistance and / or telephone assistance with Ns. specialized operator for R1 CLOUD attendance software.

€ 69,00 +VAT

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